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Host Families



Imagine you’re watching a major league baseball game and you recognize the pitcher as the young player who spent a summer in your house years ago. This could be you.


Help our Braves players as they fulfill their dreams of playing baseball and enjoy a summer you and your family will never forget.

We are always looking for generous families and individuals to open their homes to our players during the summer.

Numerous families and individuals have warmly offered their homes and provided welcoming food and lodging for student-athletes traveling from far and wide. This has created an immediate “booster club” and a dedicated fan base within the Staunton community.

The host family program is a vital part of the Braves organization. Each summer the Staunton Braves players live with a host family within the community. The host family program in Staunton was started back in the 1970s and is still thriving today as a model program that many other teams in the Valley Baseball League have adopted over the years.

If you are interested in being a host family and have questions about how the program works, please call Lance Mauck or Steve Cox.



Benefits of Being a Host Family. 

  • Free admission to all VBL regular season games 

  • ​Kids get each camp session FREE of charge

  • Gift cards to be spent at the ballpark during the summer for food and merchandise

  • Host Family ceremony 

  • Lifelong relationships

Lance Mauck, Team President

(443) 250-2657


Each season and summer would not be possible without the willingness of our host families opening their homes and allowing our student-athletes to live with them for the duration of the season! Thank you so much for your sacrifices and sharing your homes and with the Staunton Braves!

  • Raider and Kim Campell

  • Brice and Katie Wood

  • Phillip & Sarabeth Johnson

  • Josh and Nell Oakes

  • Gerry Parina Stowers

  • Jim Buss

  • Allen and Kathy Garrison

  • Scott Allyn

  • Patty Armstrong

  • Anne Fitzgerald

  • Kellie Honeycutt

  • George Drewry

  • Randall & Brandy Fortune

  • Malcolm & Jennifer McIntyre

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